The Dragon Drum is based on the ancient Chinese percussion instrument called the 'Fou' drum, consisting of a bronzeware pot, jar, or square vessel, which was struck with a stick. (A similar drum was featured during the 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing.)

Its origin dates as far back as the Xia or Shang dynasties, where once it was used in ritual music. The fou as an instrument was not confirmed until a discovery of nearly 500 musical instruments in the Tombs for Nobles of the Yue State, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province.

The Dragon Drum is more than just a 'Fou' drum, it is a collection of meditative and ritualist instruments to feed your musical desires. The collection includes Dragon Drum, Tingshas, Bells, Bamboo block, Rag-Dung horn, Chants and EleMental secrets.
All EleMental instrument apps are created with real instrument sample recordings, finely tuned and engineered for the best listening experience. Each app from this series will include secret EleMental sounds for you to find. All areas on the screen are playable, and each instrument has a secondary sound! (To find them simply touch close to or on another part the same instrument, to hear the other sound)

Support: If sometimes there is a sound delay on the first tap, this is a memory issue - Restart the iPhone to clear memory.

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