Top Secret Release! . . . Blaster Pack Type 1 collection . . . Spanning decades of secret technology, this pack is loaded and ready to go!

You have seen the other "Raygun" type apps in the iTunes App Store and been let down with shoddy fire action and silly sounds. This Blaster Pack was created with Motion Picture quality sound effects, specially designed for this application.

From the SteamPunk days to Retro SciFi to Future Modern warfare, you have it covered!

Each Blaster includes a tag with weapons display and descriptions. Try all three blasters for different occasions and find your favorite.

But be careful not to drop or shake your Blaster, as it may cause errors and misfires!

* Spacegirl art by Eamon O'Donoghue
Support: Stay tuned for more fun apps on the way! If sometimes there is a sound delay on the first tap, this is a memory issue - Restart the iPhone to clear memory.


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