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08/20/10 - The newest app Blaster Pack is available today!

05/17/10 - EleMental:Buddha Bell is up for sale today!

04/22/10 - Lantern Shelf has been approved and is up for sale!

03/14/10 - Vintage Vixens has been removed from sale for being to 'sexually explicit'

03/11/10 - New Update for Vintage Vixens uploaded to App Store for approval!

02/19/10 - Vintage Stockings has been removed from sale :(

01/28/10 - Finishing up a Major update for PictureBox* Vintage Vixens! (there's a secret sound feature, shhhh, don't tell anyone yet...)

01/02/10 - The 3rd EleMental app will be called Buddha Bell, and will be released in February! Watch for this one!

01/02/10 - Currently working on updates for all 3 PictureBox* apps, new photos as well as an improved interface with a few new options! Stay tuned...

01/01/10 - New website launched! Now with current News of app updates and new projects. Stay Tuned!

12/31/09 - Happy New Year to everybody, thanks for all of the app purchase this year. I look forward to bringing all of you more high quality, beautiful apps!

12/07/09 - EleMental: Sun Chime for sale in the iTunes App Store!

11/24/09 - New EleMental app submitted to Apple for approval.

11/12/09 - Update 1.1 for EleMental: Dragon Drum available in the iTunes App Store!

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